Eco holiday in nature

Enjoy an eco holiday, surrounded by nature. Relax and recharge your batteries in the Spanish mountains of Valencia. Where Casa Tarsan Vegan Eco Lodge welcomes you to an unique eco travel experience.

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Luxe 360Suite Casa Tarsan Vegan Eco Lodge

The Suites

The suites of Casa Tarsan are diverse in style and amenities. However all ecological created whilst keeping your comfort in mind. For all types of travellers we have your home in nature.

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Plant based pancakes

Vegan Cuisine

Embark on a plant-based foodie holiday in Spain. To lush green mountains of Valencia. Where we nurture your body and soul with our vegan cuisine. All our dishes and drinks homemade. Made with local, organic, products and love. Inspired by the chef’ worldly travels. Therefore our cuisines vary from Thai, Indonesian, Mexican and Indian to a more Western style. Be surprised!

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Yoga & Retreats

Join us for your yoga holiday or yoga retreat. Experience the bliss of practising yoga and meditation outdoors. Here in the magical green mountains of Valencia, Spain. Surrounded by green trees, natural herbs and a wide variety of birds. Which will make you feel one with your nature. Besides our daily yin yoga classes & reiki treatments we also host and facilitate yoga retreats.

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Luxe 360Suite Casa Tarsan Vegan Eco Lodge
Plant based pancakes

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Casa Tarsan
Vegan Eco Lodge

Vegan Holiday in Spain. Located in the flowery mountains of Valencia. Created by and for nature & animal lovers.

Embark on a relaxing Nature Holiday. While staying in an artistically built Eco Lodge. With breathtaking 360° views, daily yin yoga, plant based cuisine, solar powered jacuzzi & saltwater swimming pool.

Hear nothing but the birds, the wind and the waterfall as you gaze over the horizon. Watching the sunrise, sunset and the stars at night.

Welcome home!

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  • Fully vegan

    Besides mouthwatering vegan cuisine all our products are 100% vegan. Making sure your stay with us is good for you and the animals! Most products that we use are organic and locally produced.

  • Plant based cuisine

    Our chef creates a daily varying breakfast and dinner menu. Homemade with love and seasonal ingredients. Above all, created with a passion for plant-based food.

  • Daily yoga

    Start your day fully recharged with our daily yin yoga practise. Focussing on de-stressing the mind and opening up the body. Open for all levels.

  • Eco lifestyle

    At Casa Tarsan we care about the earth. Therefore we have a nature first approach. For instance with our solar energy system and rain water collection.

  • Intimate setting

    Casa Tarsan is a peaceful gem in the Valencian mountains. Perfect to fully relax and recharge your batteries during your nature holiday. Due to the exclusive setting of two suites and a studio.

  • Located in the lush mountains

    The La Safor mountain where Casa Tarsan is located is green and flowery. With a wide diversity of flora and fauna. Most noteworthy is the ultimate peaceful feeling you experience while being in nature. Just enjoy this feeling or get active with: hikes, climbing tracks or a go for a mountain bike ride.

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Tarsan’s Amenities

Casa Tarsan Vegan Eco Lodge is tucked away on the La Safor mountain in Valencia. 465 meters above sea level, overlooking the lush green surroundings and Mediterranean Sea. Your Vegan Holiday destination with:

Salt water swimming pool


Vegan Cuisine

Massages & Reiki

Daily Yin yoga

Hiking trails

Juicy the Juice bar

Outdoor cinema


Casa Tarsan
Studio and Suites

Sunrise Studio

Your home in nature. Built into the mountain. Therefore naturally cool in summer days. With kitchen, private terrace and stunning views.

Suite Sunset

Located on the sunset side with stunning sunset views. This junior suite has airconditioning, coffee-maker and fridge & an eco bathroom.

Deluxe 360Suite

The deluxe 360Suite is the penthouse of Casa Tarsan. With as absolute highlight the amazing round terrace. With panoramic 360° views overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the mountain scenery.

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People Say

“We had a great stay at Casa Tarsan! The owners, Eric & Nikita, give you a warm welcome from the moment you arrive. Not only do they make you feel at home they also cook delicious vegan meals. This in combination with the ‘Eco friendly’ way of living and the beautiful surroundings make this an amazing hide away just a hour from Valencia.”

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Vegan Holiday in Spain with Thai Curry

Vegan Cuisine

Nurture your body and soul during your Vegan Holiday. With our delicious plant-based cuisine. All dishes and drinks are homemade with love and organic, local, ingredients. Good for you, the animals and the earth!

()Wake your body up with a fresh juice, organic coffee or herbal tea and a variety of dishes.

Our daily specials are: homemade granola, buckwheat pancakes, happy chickpea omelettes served with home baked gluten free bread.

Our plant based dinner dishes are inspired by the chef’s worldly travels. Daily menu with favourites like Thai Curry, Indonesian Rendang, Lasagne, homemade Burgers and many more.

Juicy the Juice bar is build with stones from the mountains. This is where you can order your cold pressed juices, smoothies, kombucha, ginger beers as well as local organic vegan wines.

Casa Tarsan is a perfect place for your (digital) juice detox. We have a special selection of detox juices for a day fast or a week cleanse.

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Sneak Peak at Casa Tarsan Vegan Eco Lodge