Romantic holiday

Looking for a romantic holiday destination? Our 360°Suite is the perfect setting for your story of love! The deluxe suite is located in the tower of Casa Tarsan. With as absolute highlight a private 360° terrace. Enjoy the panoramic views from the sunrise at sea, until she sets in the mountains. When the evening falls the nature views make place for a sky full of stars. Perfect for your romantic getaway, holiday or honeymoon. Enjoy each other and our:

  • Private 360° terrace – with panoramic views
  • Kingsize bed
  • Air conditioning
  • En suite bathroom
  • Ecological Coffee maker, fridge
  • Room service

Eco facilities

Our garden surrounded by green nature is a perfect place to fully relax and unwind. Gazing over the mountains you can even see and hear the waterfall flooding into the river. A true moment worth capturing are the unique sunsets. Everyday breathtaking. The nightly sky, filled with stars, is another reason why we just love living in the mountains. Besides the beauty of nature we have a wide variety of Eco facilities such as;

    • Solar powered Jacuzzi – the best spot to watch sunset and the stars!
    • Salt Water Swimming pool – better for your skin and nature.
    • Yin Yoga in nature – relax your body and mind.
    • 3D Moonlight cinema – watch a (conscious) movie under the stars.
    • Lounge area to read or to gaze over the mountain.
    • Get inspired by a book from our library.
    • Or play a board game – because you are never too old to play!

Organic food at Casa Tarsan

We love to let you taste our ecological, organic and (mostly) vegan food and drinks. Good for you & good for the environment. We start the day with a grand healthy breakfast (€10) with:

  • 🌞 Herbal Tea
  • 🌞 Coffee of choice
  • 🌞 Seasonal fruit juice – fresh off course!
  • 🌞 Plant-based milk with super foods, muesli and nuts
  • 🌞 Eggs, your favourite style, fresh from our chickens – with spelt bread, or:
  • 🌞 A Vegan option: like vegan eggs or chia pudding

For dinner we serve healthy, organic, meals inspired by the Thai and Mexican kitchen. Furthermore you can enjoy our fresh smoothies, slow pressed juices and a wide range of alcoholic beverages. Such as; local beer, a wide selection of (organic) wines and fruity cocktails. All homemade with love – or selected with great care!

Nature escape

Casa Tarsan is a perfectly hidden gem to unwind in the mountains. As we are marked on many hike and MTB routes. You are literally one step away from a wide variety of green nature trails. Including:

  • Hiking
  • mountain biking
  • Rock climbing
  • Kayaking
  • Stand Up Paddle boarding
  • Bird watching

Eco traveller

Do you want to save the earth while enjoying your holiday? Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?! That is what we try to achieve with our Eco Lodge. We might not saving the whole planet yet… But we are surely making steps by:

  • Using solely renewable energy – from our solar panels and wind turbine
  • Collecting rainwater – to reuse the water in the lodge
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle our waste
  • Composting, food scraps make nutritious soil for our garden
  • We buy only organic, locally produced and/or fair-trade products
  • Your morning eggs come from our free range chickens – who have an amazing life!
  • We serve vegetarian food – with many vegan options
  • Enjoy our homemade juices, instead of the canned sodas – with bamboo straw!
  • And so on….

If you like we can explain and show you more during your stay. Moreover we love to share ideas and inspire each other to (start) living as self sustainable and eco friendly as possible!


Prices start at: 220 for 2 nights


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