Sunrise Studio

The Sunrise Studio

Casa Tarsan’s studio is your home away from home – in nature! A private entrance takes you in the bohemian studio with incredible mountain and sea views. The bed is build into the mountain, which makes sure you have cool room during hot days. The Sunrise Studio has a well equipped kitchen with everything you need from a fridge, stove and oven to smaller things as herbs and olive oil. What makes the studio special? You can brush your teeth while gazing over the mountain! And last but certainly not least: you have a private terrace with amazing mountain, sea and sunrise views. The Sunrise Studio comes with:

    • 🌞 Panoramic mountain, sunrise and sea views
    • 🌞 Private terrace
    • 🌞 En suite bathroom with hot shower
    • 🌞 Built into the mountain so naturally cool
    • 🌞 Well equipped kitchen
    • 🌞 Bed- and bathroom uniquely build into the mountain
    • 🌞 Bluetooth music installation to enjoy your favourite music

    Casa Tarsan facilities

    Immerse yourself into nature. In our garden and terraces with 360 degree mountainous views. Everywhere you look you can gaze over the mountains. Hearing nothing but sounds of the birds and the waterfall flooding in the river. Especially sunsets are a moment worth capturing. Best place to view? In the jacuzzi! The nightly sky, filled with stars, is another reason why we just love living in nature. And we love to share this nature abundance with you, just like our:

    • 🌞 Solar powered jacuzzi
    • 🌞 Salt water swimming pool
    • 🌞 Yin Yoga in nature
    • 🌞 Outdoor Moonlight cinema – watch a movie under the stars
    • 🌞 Lounge areas with mountain views
    • 🌞 Books & games library

    Vegan food & drinks

    Besides our love for nature, we love serving “good food”. Good in taste, good for your health and good for the environment. As all our dishes and drinks are fully plant based. So a heaven for vegan travellers! But also for non vegans, as we like to suprise you with delicious vegan dishes. Making your introduction to plant based food an unforgettable – in a positive way πŸ˜‰ – experience! What we serve:

    • 🌞 Daily breakfast €10
    • Including: coffee/tea, fresh juice, milk with superfood and cereals
    • And a daily surprise: chickpea omelettes, scrambled tofu, spelt pancakes
    • 🌞 Daily dinner €15
    • Like Thai curries, Mexican burritos, Tempeh burges
    • 🌞 On the Rocks – Juice bar
    • Cold pressed juices, smoothies, beer, wine and cocktails

    Immerse in nature

    Yes, you found the perfect spot if you are looking for a nature holiday. Our Eco Lodge is off the beaten track. Located on the La Safor mountain, marked on several hiking trails. There are many ways to explore our panoramic surroundings. Known and protected because ofΒ  its flowery, colourful, rich flora and fauna. Explore the mountain by:

    • 🌞 Hiking
    • 🌞 Mountain biking
    • 🌞 Rock climbing
    • 🌞 Bird watching

    Eco holiday

    Would you like to save the earth while enjoying your holiday? Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?! That is what we try to achieve with our Eco Lodge. We might not saving the whole planet yet… However we are surely making steps by:

    • 🌞 Using solely renewable energy – from our solar panels and wind turbine
    • 🌞 Collecting rainwater – to reuse the water in the lodge
    • 🌞 Reduce, reuse and recycle our waste
    • 🌞 Composting – our food, garden and chicken waste
    • 🌞 We buy only organic, locally produced and/or fair-trade products
    • 🌞 We serve plant based food and drinks
    • 🌞 Enjoy our homemade juices, instead of the canned sodas – with bamboo straw!


    Prices start at: 150 for 2 nights


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