Plant based pancakes
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Vegan Holiday

Indulge your taste buds with mouthwatering plant based dishes. Good for the planet, the animals and last but certainly not least: you!

Embark on a vegan holiday in Spain. To lush green mountains of Valencia. Where we nurture your body and soul with our plant based dishes. All dishes and drinks homemade. Made with local, organic, products and love. Inspired by the chef’ worldly travels. Therefore the cuisines vary from Thai, Indonesian, Mexican and Indian to a more western style.

For that reason we have a daily varying breakfast (€10) and 3 course dinner menu (€25). Where we surprise your tastebuds with a delicious plant based meal. Certainly good for you, the animals and the planet. Above all: tasty, as we love to show you how amazing plant based food can be!

We welcome all vegan travellers, vegetarians or just as your first introduction during your vegan holiday.

What to expect?

Our chef will make sure that your stay with us is tasty!

Breakfast €10 (between 9.00 and 11.00)
Here we serve a daily special like Chickpea omelettes, Pura Vida style tortillas, scrambled chickpeas or the famous pancake towers. Also fresh pressed juices, organic coffee and herbal teas are part of your morning menu.

Dinner €25 (between 19.00 and 21.00)
For dinner you can expect a daily varying 3-course menu. Based upon a wordy inspirited cuisine. For example Thai, Indian, Mexican or a more western style. First of all you will get a starter: guacamole, spring rolls or dal soup. Then the main course: burritos, Thai curries or a western style burger. Finally you will get a desert: vegan ice cream, chocolate brownie or pancakes. All dishes are homemade, with organic ingredients. Therefor your belly feels happy: filled with pure food, made with love!

Juicy on the rocks, the Juice bar (all day)
We have wide variety of cold pressed juices. “Served at Juicy on the rocks” the Juice bar. All freshly pressed and made to order. As it is important to stay hydrated on your sunny holiday in Spain. Besides juices, smoothies and kombucha we serve local vegan wines, beer and cocktails. Cheers to the vegan holiday!

Juicy the juice bar at your vegan holiday

Vegan holiday at home

Get back to your vegan holiday feeling by making the Tarsan recipes at home. Because we like to inspire with tasty plant based dishes we share all our recipes. So that you can enjoy the Casa Tarsan favourites like the: Happy-Chickpea omelettes, homemade granola and Happy pig rendang at home. Let’s make the world a happy place!