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Cim de La Safor

Hiking around Casa Tarsan Vegan Eco Lodge

Like to feel your legs tomorrow, the Cim de La Safor is your way to go! Enjoy this panoramic hike that goes all the way to the top of the La Safor mountain. Starting just here at Casa Tarsan Vegan Eco Lodge. Among the beautiful flowers and stunning views this hike literally takes you to the following highlights.

La Finestra – window in the mountain

One of the ultimate highlights of the La Safor mountain is La Finestra. A window in the mountain with amazing views towards Villalonga and the Mediterranean Sea. A perfect picture point!

Nevera – traditional Ice fridge

It might look like aliens landed here. At least, that were our first thoughts. However the big hole in the middle of the grass field that was used in the old days to store ice. Pretty cool! A perfect place to take a well deserved rest. Maybe to eat some snack or a recharging meditation in the middle of the mountain.

Cim de La Safor

Climb your way up to the top of the mountain: Cim de La Safor. The place where the first Casa Tarsan engagement took place! So a must go for all romance seekers and those who love to have the best views. They come after the hardest climbs. No worries, it’s no too though and definitely worth it!

Cim de La Safor route online

We don’t like to spill any paper, therefor we marked this route online. So that you can use your phone to guide you the way. You can easily follow our account on Wikiloc. Which shares the Cim La Safor hike and also many others. All starting from your favourite Eco Lodge in Valencia: Casa Tarsan – off course!

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