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Holistic treatments

Fully relax and recharge yourself with a holistic treatment. Enjoy the peaceful mountain scenery whilst treating yourself to me (or us) time. At Casa Tarsan we offer a variety of treatments for yourself and a couple massage packages to enjoy together. Ideal when you experience any physical conditions. Or to destress, relax your mind and connect to your soul.



Duration: 1 HOUR
€50 (book together €40 per person)

Recharge your body, mind and soul with the energetic healing of Reiki. With peaceful nature views. Where Nikita invites you to go on a journey inwards. Guided by the energy of Reiki, chakra balancing and healing instruments. Giving you just what you need at that moment. Whether this is a release of tensions and pain in your body, relaxation and de-stressing of your mind or a deeper connection with your soul.

πŸ’œ Promotes the natural healing of the body
πŸ’œ Relaxes and de-stresses the mind
πŸ’œ Connect deeper with your soul

By karen dolphin

Energetic massage

€60 (1 hour)
€75 (1.5 hours)

Massage tailored to specific requirements and needs. Combination of relaxation, deep tissue and energy work.

πŸ’œ Combination of different massage and energy techniques
πŸ’œ Tailored to your specific needs
πŸ’œ Deep relaxation

By karen dolphin

Indian head massage & sound healing

duration: 1 hour

Authentic Indian head massage which covers the top half of the body. It reduces stress and anxiety. The sound healing enchants your meditative state. Let the gongs take you on a journey within, into deep relaxation.

πŸ’œ Reduces stress and anxiety
πŸ’œ Go into a deep meditation
πŸ’œ Unique experience

by karen dolphin

Enhancing connection massage for couples

duration: 2 hours

couples package inc. two 1 hour energetic massage treatments
€170 (4 HOURS)

Treat each other to a lovely massage. Where you learn professional massage techniques to give treatments to each other tailored to your personal needs. You take the techniques home with you. So you can both give each other a lovely massage anytime! A perfect way to connect together on a deeper level.

πŸ’œ Connect on a deep level
πŸ’œ Learn to massage each other in the most beneficial way
πŸ’œ Lifetime massage therapist at your home ;-)!

connect deeper with your body

Yoga therapy

Duration: 1,5 HOUR + INTAKE

With yoga therapy you receive a tailor made yoga practise targeting your specific needs. Yoga therapy helps with physical conditions like back, neck, shoulder pain. And emotional / hormonal imbalances like stress and anxiety, infertility and depression.

First of all we have an intake to make clear what areas to target. A day later you will get a private class with a 1 hour tailer-made yoga practise. This practise includes breath work (pranayama), yoga asanas and mediation. There is plenty of time for questions and deeper explanation of the poses. You will get your practise printed out. So you can continue your yoga therapy practise at home.

πŸ’œ Tailor made yoga practise targeting your body needs
πŸ’œ For physical pains and/or emotional imbalances
πŸ’œ Made to continue your practise at home

connect with your soul

Tarot reading

Duration: 30 minutes

The intuitive power of tarot guides you in the direction of your soul purpose. Cards readings can answer a wide variation of questions. Together we choose a deck that fits best to your question.

πŸ’œ Tarot reading
πŸ’œ Oracle cards
πŸ’œ Connect with your intuition