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Jacuzzi & its Health Benefits

Jacuzzi time at Casa Tarsan Vegan Eco Lodge

The jacuzzi of our Vegan Eco Lodge is a perfect place to spend the magical sunset moments. Romance guaranteed while gazing over the mountainous horizon! However, the hot tub also offers lots of health benefits. This by its heat and massage from the jets combined with the aromatherapy – a natural soothing scent. Which improves body and mind relaxation, releases muscle tensions and improves your sleep at night. We listed all the important and interesting health benefits for you.

♡ Stress relief by the jacuzzi

Maybe one of the most important benefits in these times. Feeling stressed is unfortunately very common in our modern society. Although very common, there are many reasons why stress is bad for your health. As stress weakens your immune system, it creates sleeping disorders and promotes weight gaining.

Happy to know that there are tons of ways to help you better cope with stress. Here at Casa Tarsan we aim to provide a relaxing environment. With lots of ways to bring your mind back at ease. Being surrounded by nature, hearing nothing but the birds, is one of the biggest ways to relax your mind. But we also offer daily stress release by Yin Yoga, Pranayama and Holistic treatments. And, our personal favourite: by relaxing in the jacuzzi!

Relaxing in the jacuzzi reduces stress by releasing the tension in your body. This through a combination of heat, buoyancy and water massage. Where buoyancy eases pressure in the joints and muscles, the heat increases blood flow to the muscles and improves healing. Additionally, the water massage stimulates the release of endorphins. Endorphins are hormones responsible for easing pain sensations and creating a feeling of euphoria. Which make these hormones a natural pain killer.

♡ Release pain and aches

Enjoying relaxation in the hot tub is also a perfect remedy to release pains and aches in your body. Either a muscle ache from the hike to the top of the mountain or if you are suffering from chronic pains. The heat of the water in combination with the buoyancy and water massage can help your body to feel and heal better. Use the power of the jets to massage the area of your body that needs some release and relaxation. Which will help to reduce the pain in the targeted area and relaxes your mind.

♡ Improves sleep

A night of good sleep is probably the best way to fully recharge your batteries. However not everyone sleeps like a baby. Luckily there is an easy and fun way to improve your sleep: yes indeed, the jacuzzi!
There are mainly two ways in which your bubbly session improves sleeping.

First of all by reducing the factors that prevent you from falling asleep. Mainly stress and pain in your body makes sleeping difficult. Secondly by so called “hot water immersion therapy“. Which works by the change in body temperature. When sitting in the jacuzzi your body temperature slowly and naturally rises. Once you leave the hot tub the cooling down of the body begins. This cooling proces is what makes you feel relaxed and ready for your kingsize bed.

♡ How the jacuzzi promotes weight loss

Did you know your blissful moment in the jacuzzi also promotes weight loss?

When the body is stressed there are higher levels of cortisol. The so called “stress hormone” may result in eating a high fat and high sodium diet. Which ultimately results in weight gain. Cortisol also increases the body fat in the abdominal area and prevents the body from making new muscles. Making it harder to exercise and have an active lifestyle. The profound relaxation in the jacuzzi lowers the cortisol levels and thereby helps to promote weight loss.

Sleeping disorders also increase the cortisol levels. Furthermore it increases the levels of ghrelin. Ghrelin is another hormone which makes you feel hungry. Making it more difficult to maintain a healthy diet. Sleeplessness also brings your body in “survival mode” which slows down your metabolism. The relaxing effect of the hot tub helps your body to relax. A perfect preparation for a good night sleep. Hereby promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Ready to jump in?

Now you know, besides being a relaxing and romantic activity, the jacuzzi has lots of health benefits too! We can imagine you love having your own jacuzzi straight away to enjoy its effects daily! If you want to try it in a less impulsive manner we love to welcome you to our nature lodge. Where our solar powered jacuzzi with mountainous sunset views is waiting for you!

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