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From Luxury to Vegan Eco Lodge

Casa Tarsan Vegan Eco Lodge with love for earth

We have the same soul, the same suites, the same amenities. But a small name change: from Luxury Eco Lodge into Casa Tarsan Vegan Eco Lodge. Still sharing the same luxurious facilities, but focussing more on what really set us apart: our vegan cuisine.

Indulge yourself with plants

Casa Tarsan is a unique Eco Lodge where holidays and retreats are 100% cruelty free. For a happy and green world! 🙂 Our chef Eric will make sure your tummy will be happy too. With mouthwatering dishes: all plant based. Why? Because we love to show the world how delicious vegan cuisine can be!

Sir Bob approved!

Sir Bob is a happy pig who is blessed to travel the world with his animal rescue team. Unfortunately not all his brothers and sisters are enjoying such a carefree life. Bobby loves to share awareness to create a better life for his family. We are honoured to say that Casa Tarsan is approved by Sir. Bob. As we are helping to keep his pig tribe happy.

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