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Casa Tarsan Vegan Eco Lodge

An unique green travel experience surrounded by the mountains of Valencia.


Welcome to the mountains!

Welcome to Casa Tarsan Vegan Eco Lodge for your Vegan Holiday in Spain. Immerse yourself into the lush mountains of Valencia. Our small scale vegan hotel is surrounded by nature. Enjoy our: vegan food, daily yoga classes, holistic workshops and treatments.

The breathtaking 360° mountain views make you feel one with nature. Experience a holistic mountain holiday – or retreat. Relaxing, yet lots to explore. Start your day with yin yoga, take a panoramic hike over the mountain and nurture yourself with our delicious plant based cuisine.

Watching sunset from the solar powered jacuzzi is a truly magical moment!


Casa Tarsan
Vegan Eco Lodge

Casa Tarsan Vegan Eco Lodge has different styles and types accommodations. Starting with a pet friendly studio with kitchen to luxurious suites. All spacious with incredible nature views. Perfect to (re)connect and recharge your batteries surrounded by the mountains. See here our accommodations. A vegan hotel, eco friendly created, whilst keeping your comfort in mind.


Vegan Holiday in Spain

“What I liked most about our stay was the silence of nature”

MAria from berlin

Embark on a Vegan travel experience. To the lush mountains of Valencia, Spain. Where nature meets holistic lifestyle. Where you can relax and recharge your batteries.

Casa Tarsan is created from the heart. Where dreams are made into reality. When we (Eric and Nikita) arrived at Casa Tarsan we immediately fell in love. Mainly due to its impressive views and natural surrounding. Which gave us the feeling of total freedom.

Follow your heart to the mountain to savour a recharging vegan holiday in a nature paradise. Enjoy our daily activities from yin yoga and full moon ecstatic dancing to movie nights under the stars.

Meet the team

The Tarsan Team

Woofer the HooverWElcoming committee

I’ll make sure you feel right at home when I welcome you at the door. A morning “person”, always happy and loves cuddles!

Eric Develingvegan CUISINE & music

Casa Tarsan’s vegan chef and DJ. Who loves to create delicious meals. Nurturing your body and soul with food and music.

Nikita Timmermansyoga, reiki & PRanayama

Morning yin yoga, reiki and pranayama teacher. Who loves dancing, hiking, yoga & meditation.

You?Enthusiastic volunteer

Would you like to see and experience the ins and outs of having your own Eco Lodge? Contact us to be part of our team in summer!