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Video Gallery

Enjoy some beautiful videos made at Casa Tarsan Vegan Eco Lodge. Here you find videos of retreats that are hosted, of the La Safor mountain where we are located and even a video that went on national UK Television. More impression of our Vegan Holiday destination you can find in our photo gallery.

Casa Tarsan from bird perspective

Casa Tarsan Vegan Eco Lodge is located in the middle of the La Safor Mountain in Valencia, Spain. Fully surrounded by nature. From the terraces around the lodge you enjoy panoramic 360 degree views. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the mountain. From Sunrise till Sunset and the stars at night. Immerse in nature! ♡♡♡

“Our” La Safor Mountain in Villalonga

Raco Del Duc is a panoramic hiking track that you can start from our Eco Lodge. This hiking route takes you along the river Serpis which flows down the La Safor mountain on which Casa Tarsan is located. The river is also a beautiful place to swim in summer times. Off the beaten track.

A Place in the Sun: Channel 4 – United Kingdom

A Place in the Sun is a popular TV program in the UK. Which shows couples who are searching for a place in a sunny country. For this episode about Oliva we got asked to be featured as the “hot property in the area”. Here we give a tour around Casa Tarsan. The round top floor room is our 360°Suite.

Sunset in the Jacuzzi

Not broadcasted on national TV. However a nice video of some of our guests during their Jacuzzi Sunset Session. Thanks for sharing with us!

Agatha’s Writing retreat

Click here for more info about the upcoming writing retreat

Agatha is one of the facilitators that regular host writing retreats at Casa Tarsan. This video gives a beautiful impression of the atmosphere during her retreats.

Holly Giselle Yoga at Casa Tarsan

Holly Giselle is a yoga instructor in Valencia who hosts yoga retreats at Casa Tarsan. This video gives a lovely view of her Sunset yoga session. It is filmed on the terrace of the 360°Suite. Which has amazing views over the mountains and sea.

Connection: Love Living Holistic

Emily Perkins from Love Living Holistics is another amazing soul who facilitates retreats at Casa Tarsan. We love her beautiful video about connection. Lots of shots are made at Casa Tarsan.