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What is an Eco Lodge?

Casa Tarsan’s Vegan Eco Lodge is not your ordinary hotel or Bed and Breakfast. As we like to do everything as ecological as possible. Therefore we have what we call a “nature first approach”. So we make sure that all our energy comes from the sun and the wind. Also we collect rainwater to re-use in the house. In this way we only use natural resources. But it also means we recycle jars into glasses to serve your juices. Additionally we are also more mindful with changing bedding and towels, which we do only on request. And much more. All with love for nature and the earth.

Characteristics of an Eco Lodge

  • Located in a nature
  • Uses energy saving techniques and/or renewable energy
  • Informs guests on the importance of a healthy eco system and how to keep perceive it (see infographic)
  • Conscious with water usage
  • Has a waste management system: reduce, reuse, recycle

Typical guests of an Eco Lodge

There are no typical guests of an Eco Lodge. We see a diverse group of guests that like to travel and enjoy their holiday in an eco friendly way. So coming from all over the world, in different age groups and with varying backgrounds. However having one thing in common: love for nature! It is beautiful to see how many individuals are making a difference in their unique way. Casa Tarsan is blessed with the visits of many change makers, eco warriors and green influencers!

What you can do

Your Casa Tarsan team is always mindful for nature. But you can definitely help us! Therefore we listed the ways you can travel more eco-friendly. Leaving nothing but footprints. For example by: conserving water, reducing waste, saving energy, perserving nature, keep an eye on fire awareness and supporting the local communities. We look forward to inspire each other!

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