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At Casa Tarsan we love to send you home with lots of new energy and inspiration. Therefore we offer workshops in the fields that our closest to our hearts: vegan cooking and Holistic lifestyle. Give your holiday an extra dimension by joining one of our workshops or treatments. Varying from Vegan cooking to holistic practises like Pranayama and Reiki Level 1 or 2.

Vegan toast with hummus
Vegan for beginners
Vegan Thai cooking
Vegan Thai cooking

Pranayama workshop


Vegan for beginners

Duration: 2 hours

Private class €80 (book together €50 per person)

Are you new to the vegan lifestyle or like to eat more plant-based? With the Vegan for beginners course we give you easy tools to substitute animal products for healthy plant based alternatives.

Hummus holiday

Who said vegan cooking should be difficult or expensive? Also we cover all the main vitamins and proteins. While we explain where to find them in the vegan cuisine. As cherry on the vegan pie you learn to make (and eat) a delicious plant based lunch.

πŸ’š Why switch to vegan? Health and environmental benefits
πŸ’š Plant-based alternatives for meat, dairy and eggs
πŸ’š Vegan kitchen favourites
πŸ’š Where to find your proteins and vitamins
πŸ’š Vegan for beginners guide inc. all recipes

Vegan lunch (choose 2 dishes):
πŸ’š Cashew caprese salad
πŸ’š Raw summer rolls
πŸ’š Chickpea omelettes
πŸ’š Mexican jackfruit Taco’s
πŸ’š Seitan kebab


Vegan Thai cooking

Duration: 2 hours

Private class €80 (book together €50 per person)

Do you also just love Thai food? Then we have good news: the Thai cuisine is perfect to convert to fully plant based. Thailand is the place where our chef Eric first discovered his passion for cooking. He looks forward to share his favourite cuisine with you!

Vegan Thai curry

πŸ’š Learn all about Thai herbs and spices
πŸ’š Make your own vegan curry paste
πŸ’š Preparing a 2 course Thai meal
πŸ’š Vegan Thai recipes book

Thai vegan lunch (choose 2 dishes):
πŸ’š No name (fried vegetable tempura snack) or spring rolls
πŸ’š Green, Red, Yellow, Massaman, Penang curry or
πŸ’š Pad thai



Duration: (1,5 hours)

Private €50 (book together €30 per person)

Your breath is the most powerful and healing tool your body has. However most of us breath without being conscious of it. In our Pranayama workshop we learn all about the power of the breath and how to use it in a daily practise. To improve our heath and feel more energised.

Pranayama in Spain

Pranayama has many benefits. For example controlling your breath helps to release feelings of anger or anxiety. Moreover is conscious breathing powerful in fighting diseases, losing weight and to a energise your body and mind. Click here to read more about Pranayama.

πŸ’œ Info about the history of Pranayama
πŸ’œ Health benefits & when to use what technique
πŸ’œ 1 hour Pranayama practise
πŸ’œ Pranayama practise book


Reiki level I course

Duration: (1 day: 11.00 – 18.00 inc. lunch)

Private €150 (book together €90 per person)

In the Reiki level I course you get attuned to the energy of Reiki. You will learn to do a self-treatment and to treat others. By channelling positive and loving energy. As it is such a magical experience – and hard to grasp – we welcome you to experience it yourself. You can also book your Reiki treatments at Casa Tarsan.

Nikita is your teacher who started her reiki journey in 2013. After getting a treatment on her back while being in pain. The pain was gone! This is something she needed to discover so she got her first Reiki I initiation. At that moment mostly to self treat. Years further on the journey, she connected deeper with the Reiki energy. Got initiated by four different teachers. Who all share their knowledge in their own unique way. Every time a magical experience. Now she is ready to share the magic herself after finishing her last level: the teacher training.

The Reiki I course covers:
πŸ’œ Gassho meditation
πŸ’œ History and introduction to Reiki
πŸ’œ Initiation into the divine Reiki-system
πŸ’œ Learn how to do a self-treatment and to treat others
πŸ’œ The 5 reiki principles
πŸ’œ The chakra system
πŸ’œ Practice on yourself and others
πŸ’œ Lunch
πŸ’œ Reiki level I book