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Yin Yoga

There are many different styles of yoga, at Casa Tarsan we mainly practise yin yoga. Which is a meditative type of yoga to de-stress and relax your body. Connecting your body, mind and soul; by meditation, breathing techniques and yoga poses. Here we love to practise yoga outdoors which gives an unique connection to nature.

Open to all levels – also a perfect way as an introduction to yoga.

Yin Yoga in a nutshell

Yin Yoga is basically nothing more than “letting go”. Letting go the tensions in your muscles, letting go of thoughts in your mind and as a result connecting deeper within. Due to breathing into our connective tissues we are opening up the body. For example we open up the hips, where we tend to store a lot of emotions. Allowing these emotions to come to the surface. Furthermore we open up the neck and the spine: which is especially beneficial for those with seated jobs. Because these are the areas in our body where stress is stored.

As a result of letting go and opening up, your energy can flow freely again! Energies that promote our general health. But it will also improve your creative force, feelings of happiness, pleasure and love.

Benefits of Yin Yoga

♡ Releasing the body from stress and anxiety
♡ Calms body and mind
♡ Improves flexibility
♡ Detoxifies the internal organs
♡ Gives a feeling of full relaxation
♡ Improves the flow of energy (also known as prana, chi or kundalini)

Your teacher

At Casa Tarsan Eco Lodge Nikita is your yin teacher. Every teacher gives a Yin Yoga practise in their personal style. Nikita puts a lot of focus on de-stressing the mind, connecting with your body and soul. As we are opening up our body it sometimes happens that stored emotions come up after or during your practise. However we see this as a good thing. As we now release ourselves from the ballast of caring these feelings with us. Which will help you to open up your body for more healthy and happy feelings!

What to expect?

We will start the class with a guided meditation. Where we take some time to arrive at the mat. Out of the mind, into the body. Then we will set a beautiful intension for the todays practice. Followed with a breathing technique. As breathing is an important factor to bring our body in the so called: rest and restore mode. Which helps our body to stay healthy and relaxed. Followed with the practice of the Yin Yoga poses. That we will hold for a longer time. Breathing into the places where you feel discomfort, to open up the body. You will notice that the hour flies by and before you notice we are thanking ourselves for the practise and the beautiful intention. Ready for your vegan breakfast. Feeling fully relaxed and recharged!

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