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Yoga Holiday

Fully relax and recharge with a yoga holiday. Enjoy our yoga activities. Surrounded by the peaceful mountains.

Namaste, we love to welcome you for your yoga holiday in nature. At Casa Tarsan Vegan Eco Lodge. Surrounded by the green mountains of Valencia. It will be a magical experience because you hear and see nothing but nature. Therefore the mountains are a perfect place if you wish to relax and recharge your batteries. Hear nothing but the birds when you practice yoga. Wake up to watch sunrise or enjoy a sunset mediation. Immerse in nature.

Besides daily yin yoga you can enjoy our private tailored yoga practise, monthly Ecstatic Dance and Gong ceremonies. Furthermore you can deepen your relaxing experience with an energetic massage or reiki treatment. You will leave the mountains feeling relaxed and grounded. Connected with within and re-energised!

All our yoga activities are optional. So perfect in case you travel together with someone who doesn’t like to join the yoga activities. They do savour our delicious vegan cuisine, solar powered jacuzzi and salt water pool. Also you can explore and enjoy the surroundings by hiking,

  • Daily yin yoga

    Start your day mindful with our daily yin yoga practise. Outdoors, surrounded by nature. Where we use a combination of meditation, pranayama (breath work) and yoga asana’s to open up our body and relaxing the mind. Open for all levels.

  • Plant based cuisine

    Our chef creates a healthy daily varying breakfast and dinner menu. Homemade with love and seasonal ingredients. Above all, created with a passion for plant-based food.

  • Tailor made yoga session

    Nikita designs a yoga session to target precisely what you need. This combination of meditation, pranayama and yoga asanas can be focused on physical fields: back, neck or shoulder pain, digestive problems, pre-natal. Or on emotional fields such as depression, burnout, sleeping problems. You will get an intake, a private session, a recording of the session and the information about your specific practise. So you can keep on practicing at home targeting exactly what you need mostly. The exchange of a 1,5hour session is €50.

  • Reiki

    Reiki is a form of energy therapy that targets the energy fields around the body. It feels as deeply relaxing experience. It can help to release stress and all kinds of diseases. It helps you to connect with yourself in an holistic way.

  • Ecstatic Dance

    Every full moon we have an Ecstatic Dance night. Free for all Tarsanic guests. This is conscious dance night where our resident DJ Eric will take you on a musical journey. You can dance anyway you like. No rules, just enjoying the dance and music. Also called a music meditation as we don’t talk on the dance-floor.

  • Cooking courses

    Our master chef loves to inspire you with his dishes. If you want to learn the secrets of his cooking you can join his vegan and/or Ayurvedic cooking courses. Where you learn to prepare mouthwatering food in a new way.